Texas Resident’s carpets may need repairs or re-stretching if large ripples develop over time. Ripples and bumps in the carpet may become hazardous and are unsightly. Carpet may shift over time due to heavy traffic patterns, moving large pieces of furniture or poor installation. Utilizing professional stretching tools and over 30 years experience, Kevin Benton can remove these by pulling the carpet across the room and trimming the excess before re-tacking the carpet. In some cases the carpet may need to be cut then re-seamed to remove the ripples. Most carpet repairs or re-stretching can be done by The Floormender without you moving the furniture out.

Carpet repairing and re-stretching, may also be needed to finish off the edge if new flooring, such as tile, stone or wood is installed in areas transitioning into carpet. Most hard surface installers do not do this type work properly. The Floormender can install new tackless strips, stretch and cut the carpet and then use an appropriate transition technique to complete the edge neatly and professionally.


Kevin attaches his power stretcher to one side of your carpet while placing a heavy brace on the other. He then carefully stretches your carpet to remove all wrinkles. All of this can be done without any major readjustments in your house. We will assist you in moving normal household furniture at no additional cost.

Anything that is not household furniture, such as an office desk, copier, file cabinet and exercise equipment, etc… are extra (large armoires and pool tables are extra). Upon TheFloorMender’s arrival, customer may be asked to move breakables, knick-knacks, books, electronics if deemed necessary. 

Now that you know The Floormender can fix your carpet problems rather than buy new carpet, we look forward to helping you save money by doing specialized carpet repairs and restretching.

Full-Service Guarantee

Kevin stands behind his work and offers a 3-year written warranty with all of his carpet repair services. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your carpet, call Kevin immediately.

Carpet Restretching Rates

On the average, new carpet for a home is over $3000.00, while restretching and repairing your carpet can be just a fraction of that. Once repaired, your carpets life is extended greatly.

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